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“Caring and compassion with assertive communication” is Carla Pickerill’s business philosophy.

After working as a registered nurse case manager assisting patient and families in providing continued outpatient care at discharge, Carla Pickerill realized that she had developed numerous skills that she could utilize. . .

Organized Creative Designs” was born after she completed a professional organizing course that took a year to complete. She can now develop organizational solutions customized to the individual in order to meet client goals.

Although she can accommodate any need, her specialty is environmental downsizing. If moving into a smaller home or there is an aging parent needing a safer environment, she can assist in the downsizing process including but not limited to: space planning, furniture layout, and decorating. The end result is a comfortable and harmonious home in which to live.

She also has seven years in home healthcare developing safe living environments for the disabled and elderly. She will develop solutions customized to the individual in order to maximize strengths and reduce limitations. If someone has physical limitations, she will create a safe, effective environment that will help reduce stress and improve safety


Organized Creative Designs
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