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AARP Back to Work

Update – Jul 27th 2020

Helping Seniors Updates

Helping Seniors Update – Monday – July 27th 2020 – Helping Seniors Marketing & Media Director Kerry Fink talks with Lois Thomas, Customer Solutions Facilitator, Career Source Brevard and AARP Foundation: Back to Work 50+, and Erica Kerlew, Career Counselor, Career Source Brevard. Together, they talk about the many programs…

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AARP Back to Work Program

Helping Seniors Radio on WEJF-FM

This Episode: Helping Seniors President, Founder and Radio Host Joe Steckler talks with CareerSource Brevard‘s Lois Thomas and Erica Kirlew about the AARP Back to Work Program. The second part of the show features noted Periodontist Dr. Lee Sheldon and good discussion of safety as it pertains to Coronavirus. Radio…

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