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It Takes a Village.


“It Takes a Village” – must-hear Helping Seniors Radio show as we share studios with some of the area’s pre-eminent experts on Aging! Join host Kerry Fink as he visits with Tom Kammerdener, CEO of Aging Matters in Brevard, Denise Bergman, Owner of Senior Care Authority – Brevard County, FL, and Carlos Cuesta, Owner of Synergy HomeCare of Palm Bay. s!

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90.3 WEJF-FM
Radio – Original Airdate 05/29/24 – FM 90.3 WEJF Radio
Guest: Tom Kammerdener (Aging Matters in Brevard)
Guest: Denise Bergman (Senior Care Authority)
Guest: Carlos Cuesta (Synergy HomeCare)
Host: Kerry Fink (Helping Seniors)
Co-Host: John Harper (Helping Seniors of Brevard)



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