Knowledge College for Aging - July 2024

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July 2024 - Your Aging Plan: The Building Blocks

The Aging Plan Series
presented by Helping Seniors

Living in Florida, we understand what they mean when they talk about a "Hurricane Plan" - you sure don't want the storm, you just want to be ready! An aging plan is the same idea - it doesn't mean you want a problem, just that you have thought about how you want to prepare appropriate responses! In the Knowledge College for Aging series, you will learn how to construct your own Aging Plan - what we call "Helping You Get Your Ducks in a Row."

This month, Helping Seniors Executive Director Kerry Fink shares on the 7 key building blocks to consider in your own Aging Plan. Together with a panel of experts, they will outline good thoughts and considerations to help guide you. The 55-minute session is designed to be fast, informative and beneficial for you. There's also fun with snack and refreshments provided as well at Joe’s Helping Seniors Resource Center.

Meet your Knowledge College Team / Learn about local Senior-Care Resources / Enjoy Fun, Games, Info and Refreshments - and, stick around for the Helping Seniors Wellness series which follows at 1100am - it's a fun session with your friends from Omni Healthcare, CarePlus Health Plans, and Joe's Helping Seniors Resource Center.


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Get ahead of the curve and "Get Your Ducks in a Row" as we work together on your Aging Plan!

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