Helping Seniors

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Helping Seniors of Brevard

Our Mission

Helping Seniors of Brevard  – To inform.  To educate.  To connect.

Helping Seniors of Brevard. Together.

Our Mission

The mission of Helping Seniors of Brevard is to improve the quality of life for Brevard’s senior population through the provision of information, education and resources. Our vision is to create an information network to help seniors access a full range of services to assist in meeting their health, household, financial, legal and other needs.

Our goals include:

• Expand senior information network
• Increase scope of educational media program
• Coordinate development of volunteer senior advocacy group
• Create an aging plan for Brevard County
• Establish an elder care endowment

Help & Care to Those In Need

Brevard County, Florida, has one of the fastest growing elder populations in the United States.  With more than 110,000 citizens over the age of 65, Brevard has the 7th highest percentage of elders in the state and the 24th highest percentage nationally. Nearly 30,000 of our residents are between ages 60 and 64 and do not qualify for most state or federal assistance programs. As a result, Brevard is experiencing not just a boom in elders, but also an increase in the number of seniors who are not covered for care. Helping Seniors of Brevard County will put safeguards in place to help finance care of the growing elder population in Brevard while allowing for flexibility of the plan as it develops.