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Helping Seniors Car Raffle 2021

Get your tickets today and get ready for the car you would like to win!

Get $100 Ticket 5-Pack Now -or- Get $25 Ticket(s) Now

Get your tickets today and get ready for the car you would like to win!

Get $100 Ticket 5-Pack Now -or- Get $25 Ticket(s) Now


Helping Seniors Automotive August


Thank you for supporting the 2021 Helping Seniors Car Raffle – this is our 10th year of operating the County’s Senior Information Helpline and, now, our 5th Annual Helping Seniors Car Raffle, where we thank you, in advance, for supporting our work on behalf of the more than 283,698 persons 50+ living in Brevard County Florida.

The Helping Seniors Car Raffle Grand Drawing event will take place:

Date: Saturday, October 9th, 2021.
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: The American Muscle Car Museum – Melbourne, FL

While you need not be present to win – our Grand Drawings are broadcast live on both Facebook and YouTube – as a Helping Seniors Car Raffle ticket holder, you will have an opportunity to enjoy visiting the American Muscle Car Museum in person as well.  American Muscle Car Museum Owner Mark Pieloch has kindly invited – (Covid-related conditions permitting!) – your ticket to serve as an “Admit One” admission into Mark’s amazing automotive collection.

We are so appreciative of American Muscle Car Museum Owner Mark Pieloch and A.J. Hiers, of Boniface-Hiers Automotive – for their help over the years in supporting the work of Helping Seniors through the Helping Seniors Car Raffle and we are looking forward to a great Grand Drawing event for 2021!

Each Helping Seniors Car Raffle Ticket offers you three benefits: (1) A chance to win one of the beautiful new 2021 cars in the Helping Seniors Car Raffle; (2) An “Admit One” to American Muscle Car Museum Grand Drawing on the night of the event; and (3) knowing your contribution is very important to the Helping Seniors of Brevard non-profit organization.



5 tickets for $100 donation

Ticket sales are open during this time – both online ( and also by telephone at 321-473-7770.   You may also purchase tickets at any Boniface-Hiers Automotive Dealership – including Boniface Hiers Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram (Merritt Island), Boniface Hiers Chevrolet (U.S. 1 in Melbourne), Boniface Hiers Kia (U.S. 192 Melbourne); and Boniface Hiers Mazda (NASA Boulevard Melbourne).

Meanwhile, our service as a non-profit organization is dedicated to operating the county’s Senior Information Helpline. We are in our 10th year of service providing outbound information services to Seniors in Brevard through print, TV, and radio. Our Senior Information Helpline (321-473-7770) is open to provide support and information to Seniors and their families in our area.

In addition, our Radio and TV broadcasts reach thousands weekly, as do our print and digital outbound information efforts.  Our team also provides Helping Seniors Updates information service via Social Media each week with information specifically designed to assist Brevard County residents.

We thank you for your continued trust and support of Helping Seniors of Brevard – we all can agree we need to really look after our Seniors and ensure their protection and safety at all times.  Thank you for your interest and support in Helping Seniors of Brevard!

Get your tickets today and get ready for the car you would like to win!

Get $100 Ticket 5-Pack Now -or- Get $25 Ticket(s) Now

Helping Seniors, the 501(c)(3) non-profit that operates Brevard County’s Senior Information Helpline, has helped more than 3500 families, free of charge, to date, celebrates the Helping Seniors Car Raffle Grand Drawing at the American Muscle Car Museum in Melbourne, Florida.

As you probably know, this museum is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC but owner Mark Pieloch has generously opened his doors to host the Grand Drawing event live for the Helping Seniors 2021 Great Car Raffle.

On October 9th, 2021, someone will pick up the keys to their choice of a beautiful 2021 Dodge Challenger, a 2021 Mazda Miata convertible, a 2021 Kia Sportage or a 2021 Chevrolet Camaro – all from the AJ Hiers collection of dealerships (Boniface-Hiers Automotive Group).

Each Car Raffle Ticket ($25 for one 1 ticket or 5 tickets for $100 donation) also is an “Admit One” to the most sought after automotive location in the nation! You will have an opportunity to see the not-open-to-the-public collection and enjoy 125,000 square feet of automotive greatness – more than 250 cars ranging from classic 1950’s to today’s American Muscle Cars!  It will be a lot of fun celebrating leading up to the Facebook Live Event Grand Drawing to determine the winner of the 2021 Great Car Raffle Grand Drawing!

Thank you for helping us in the Helping Seniors Car Raffle with our purpose to assist Helping Seniors of Brevard in funding its service efforts to serve the more than 280,000 persons 50+ who reside in our county!  Need not be present to win.

To get your tickets – call 321-473-7770 or please visit

From the Desk of our Founder/President Joe Steckler:

Joe's Blog

“As I approach my 32nd year of fundraising for non profits subsequent to my 38 year military career,  I want all to know how much your support is appreciated. This year we have a selection of 4 2021 new cars from which to choose – a Chevrolet Camero, Mazda Miata convertible, Kia Sportage and a Dodge Challenger.  Keep up to date on all details on Please tell your friends and join us in this raffle to help people. This is a volunteer effort and I assure you I will keep each supporter in my prayers.” – Joe

All proceeds fund the work of Helping Seniors of Brevard Inc., a 501(c)(3) Florida not-for-profit dedicated to serving Brevard County seniors via our no-cost Senior Information Helpline, our Senior Information media outreach, and our Senior Advocacy programs.

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 The Story behind the Helping Seniors Car Raffle

En·dorse·ment (n) an act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.

Helping Seniors President/Founder Joe Steckler paid a call on A.J. Hiers, of the Boniface-Hiers Automotive Group, in early 2017.  AJ had helped Joe in the past when Joe was busy with his work with the Alzheimer’s Foundation and Joe had wanted to talk about a car to follow-up on the Helping Seniors 2016 successful “Win the Jaguar” raffle fundraiser.  (The “Win the Jaguar” Raffle Car, by the way, was donated to Helping Seniors by an individual who wanted to help support the vision of Helping Seniors).Helping Seniors 1951 Ford Victoria

AJ showed Joe a beautifully restored 1951 Ford Victoria – a look-alike to the one Robert Mitchum drove in the classic movie “Thunder Road.”  – in AJ’s private collection.    “An absolutely beautiful car,” Joe told AJ, “but we haven’t got that kind of money.”  AJ said, “Joe, you can afford that car!”  Joe asked him how that could be possible.  AJ’s answer: “You can afford it, because I am giving it to you!”

As they talked further, AJ told Joe that he believed in the work that Joe was doing with Helping Seniors and wanted to find a way to help ensure the work of Helping Seniors can keep going and growing.  “Joe,” he said, “Take this car and use it to make as much money as you possibly can to help in the good work that you are doing.”  And, with AJ’s ringing endorsement, they kicked-off 2017’s Helping Seniors “Win the Classic” Car Raffle fund-raising effort which culminated with February 10th 2018 Grand Prize drawing at the American Muscle Car Museum in Melbourne Florida with James Lawler, of Satellite Beach FL, as the fortunate winner.

The 2018-2019 Helping Seniors Car Raffle featured the opportunity for the Grand Prize winner to select their choice of a new 2019 Dodge Challenger, Mazda Convertible or Dodge Truck.  Karen Leigh Hoodless, of Melbourne FL, was at the Grand Prize Drawing at the American Muscle Car Museum on April 29th 2019, and drove home in her choice of the 3 cars – the Dodge Challenger!  In fact, she selected the very model that was on display at the American Muscle Car Museum that night!


2020 Car Raffle Winner (Troy Darling)The 2020 Helping Seniors Car Raffle offered up Winner’s Choice of a 2021 Chevrolet Camaro, 2021 Dodge Challenger, 2021 Mazda Miata convertible or a 2021 Kia Sportage.  Troy Darling, of Indialantic FL, won the Car Raffle and chose a beautiful 2020 Chevrolet Camaro.

This year, Helping Seniors President Joe Steckler and Car Dealer A.J. Hiers have stepped it all up even further with brand new 2021 cars – offering the winner the choice of a 2021 Chevrolet Camaro, a 2021 Mazda Miata Convertible, a 2021 Kia Sportage, or a 2021 Dodge Challenger!

Get your Raffle Tickets today – 1 for $25 or 5 for $100 donation – by calling 321-473-7770 or by mailing your check to Helping Seniors at P.O. Box 372936, Satellite Beach, FL 32937.

Get Your Helping Seniors Car Raffle Tickets

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Helping Seniors Car Raffle KiaHelping Seniors Car Raffle Mazda


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Get your tickets today and get ready for the car you would like to win!


Get $100 Ticket 5-Pack Now -or- Get $25 Ticket(s) Now