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Helping Seniors of Brevard

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Feb 2018 – Helping Seniors SCG-TV

Fri Mar 1 Care Management/Guardianship Care Management/Guardianship Life Enrichmed in Assisted Living
Mon Mar 2 Social Security Planning Social Security Planning Smile: Form and Function
Tue Mar 3 Retirement Planning Retirement Planning Autumn House Memory Care
Wed Mar 4 How Pre-Arrangements Work How Pre-Arrangements Work In Home Personal Services
Thu Mar 5 Senior Buyer/Seller Real Estate Senior Buyer/Seller Real Estate How Medical Office Team Helps
Fri Mar 6 How Reverse Mortgages Work How Reverse Mortgages Work Hometown News / AARP
Mon Mar 11 Hospice Care Hospice Care Cataract Surgery
Tue Mar 12 Why Dental Implant Not Best Why Dental Implant Not Best Al Dia Today Newspaper
Wed Mar 13 Macular Degeneration Macular Degeneration Civil Law
Thu Mar 14 Making Senior Modifications Making Senior Modifications Dry Eyes
Fri Mar 15 How Assisted Living Benefits How Assisted Living Benefits Power of Attorney/Super Powers
Mon Mar 18 Travel For Seniors Travel For Seniors About Cataracts
Tue Mar 19 Professional Organizing Options Professional Organizing Options Importance of Communications
Wed Mar 20 Roofing & Roofing Repairs Roofing & Roofing Repairs Guardianship
Thu Mar 21 A Smorgasbord of Legal Matters A Smorgasbord of Legal Matters Value of Professional Printing
Fri Mar 22 Advances in Assisted Living Advances in Assisted Living Seniors Helping Senors Helps
Mon Mar 25 Understanding Medicare Plans Understanding Medicare Plans Vitas Hospice Healthcare
Tue Mar 26 Medicaid Planning – Part 1 Medicaid Planning – Part 1 Assisted Living & Memory Care
Wed Mar 27 Medicaid Planning – Part 2 Medicaid Planning – Part 2 Reverse Mortage Funding
Thu Mar 28 Inclusive Dentistry Inclusive Dentistry Veteran’s Benefits
Fri Mar 29 Dry Eyes Dry Eyes Periodontal Disease