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Long Term Care Costs

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Long Term Care Costs


Long Term Care Costs | Helping Seniors Radio

“Despite increases in assets among middle-class Americans in recent years, 80 percent of older adults would be unable to afford two years of long-term care, according to data from the National Council on Aging.” – Gabriella Paul, WUSF, May 30 Join our guest, Board Certified Elder Law Attorney Bill Johnson, William A Johnson, P.A., as we examine troubling statistic and, better, some ideas to make sure you and your family are prepared to meet the challenge. Helping Seniors Executive Director Kerry Fink hosts this edition on 90.3 WEJF-FM Radio.

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90.3 WEJF-FM
Radio: Airdate 06/07/23
Guest: Bill Johnson, Esq. (William A. Johnson, P.A.)
Host: Kerry Fink (Helping Seniors)



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