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Brevard County “Vial of Life” Program

Joe Steckler

Brevard County Fire & Rescue’s Vial of Life program is a It’s a free resource that can help save lives.

The Office of EMS is proud to participate in the “Vial of Life” program.  When 911 is called, time is crucial.  Having vital medical information such as medications, medical history, allergies, and emergency contact information readily available for responders is extremely important.  In many instances, patients are unable to speak or are unable to recall information that is critical to rendering appropriate care.  A “Vial of Life” speaks for them.

Participation is free.  Simply contact the Office of EMS at 321-633-2056 and request a vial which contains a medical information form and a “Vial of Life” sticker.  Once the form has been completely filled out, it should be placed in the container and kept on the top shelf of the refrigerator door.  Place the sticker on an exterior window near an entry point to alert personnel that there is a vial with a medical reference sheet provided.

Finally, remember to keep the form up-to-date.  Any change in medical information including medication dosage and/or frequency, insurance information, or physician information should be kept current.

A brief description of the program at Brevard County Fire & Rescue’s website: CLICK HERE

There’s also a very informative Video, produced by Brevard County Fire & Rescue, on Helping Seniors of Brevard’s YouTube Channel and on the Brevard County Fire & Rescue YouTube Channel:

Joe Steckler

Joe Steckler – President 


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