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Join Helping Seniors of Brevard President, Joe Steckler, each week for the “Helping Seniors” Television program airing throughout Brevard County. Joe has been a favorite presence and familiar face on  TV for many years.  He provides insightful information to help seniors.



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Joe’s “Helping Seniors” Television Programs are also available on the Helping Seniors of Brevard website as well as on the worldwide Helping Seniors YouTube channel.

Discover good options for controlling the cost of prescriptions as Program Host Joe Steckler talks with Joe Ponds, of Canadian Meds of Melbourne, about unique programs that can save hundreds of dollars in regular ongoing prescription costs.  It’s a look at ways to be sure that needed medications are in financial reach.

Controlling the Cost of Prescription MedicationsCanadian Meds of Melbourne, a Veteran owned business, believes everyone deserves access to quality medications at affordable pricing. Through a partnership with fully licensed and accredited Canadian physicians and pharmacies in Canada we provide Americans with safe and convenient access to prescription drugs at largely discounted prices.



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