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Making Good Plans.


Making Good Plans.

Good planning makes a difference! Learn from Marisa Mitchell, Medicare Insurance Broker, with My Mitchell Insurance, and Jennifer Helin, Seniors Helping Seniors as they talk about good planning – and how subject matter experts can help! Chris Morse, Helping Seniors Travel Club, also joins the discussion with how an expert Travel Agent can facilitate the best travel experience – all while saving you money. And, together, they talk up the just announced 2nd Annual Helping Seniors Travel Club Foundation Cruise.

For More Information on Marisa Mitchell & Medicare Insurance:

For More Information on Jennifer Helin & Seniors Helping Seniors:

For More Information on the Helping Seniors Travel Club:



90.3 WEJF-FM
Radio: Airdate 05/25/22
Host: Kerry Fink (Helping Seniors of Brevard)
Guest: Marisa Mitchell (My Mitchell Insurance)
Guest: Jennifer Helin (Seniors Helping Seniors)
Guest: Chris Morse (Helping Seniors Travel Club)
Co-Host: John Harper (Helping Seniors)



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