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Best Senior Living.


Best Senior Living.

Finding the path to Best Senior Living: Amanda Walker and Ashleigh Caswell (Hibiscus Court Assisted Living & Memory Care) share about the Virtual Dementia Training program – Your Window into Their World. Vicki Moore, Medicare Specialist, talks about options available year-round to those with Medicare coverage. Together, with Helping Seniors Executive Director and Program Host Kerry Fink, they also talk up the 6th Annual Helping Seniors Car Raffle fundraiser and the fun connected with that.

For More Information on Hibiscus Court Assisted Living:

For More Information on the Helping Seniors Car Raffle:



90.3 WEJF-FM
Radio: Airdate 06/01/22
Host: Kerry Fink (Helping Seniors of Brevard)
Guest: Amanda Walker (Hibiscus Court Assisted Living)
Guest: Vicki Moore (Medicare Specialist/Independent Agent)
Guest: Ashleigh Caswell (Hibiscus Court Assisted Living)
Co-Host: John Harper (Helping Seniors)



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