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Helping Seniors of Brevard

Helping Seniors Media:

Senior & Family Advocacy

`Helping Seniors on AM 1510 WMEL

Helping Seniors Radio on WMEL Radio

Joe Steckler has been a popular friend to Seniors and he has been broadcasting Senior focused programs on WMEL Radio for over 15 years.  Many “Helping Seniors” Radio Programs are available, free-of-charge, and on demand, as podcasts on the Helping Seniors of Brevard website.

On this Episode:

Join Helping Seniors Hosts Joe Steckler and Kerry Fink for this fast-paced Radio.  They visit with John Harper, Owner of WMEL Radio Station, on Senior Advocacy, and then with Troy Denault, of Soter LLC, on Family Advocacy of helping families work through best elements of care for their Senior’s best aging plan.

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