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3 Reasons for a Reverse Mortgage

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Join Helping Seniors of Brevard President, Joe Steckler, three times a day during each weekday for the “Helping Seniors” Television program airing throughout Brevard County on Space Coast Government TV.   Joe has been a favorite presence and familiar face on Space Coast television for many years.  He provides insightful information that is “Helping Seniors.”

This Episode:

3 Reasons To Consider a Reverse Mortgage

3 Reasons To Consider a Reverse Mortgage | Helping Seniors TV

Helping Seniors TV talks with Reverse Mortgage expert Barbara McIntyre about 3 good reasons to consider a Reverse Mortgage as part of your financial planning for your senior years. Helping Seniors TV Host Kerry Fink talks with Barbara McIntyre (Reverse Mortgage Funding) on this good-to-know topic.

Original Airdate: 05/28/20 SCG-TV HSTV #264 3 Reasons To Consider Reverse Mortgage
Program Guest: Barbara McIntyre (Reverse Mortgage Funding)
Program Host: Kerry Fink (Helping Seniors Network)


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Helping Seniors TV:

Watch Helping Seniors TV every day on your television on Space Coast Government TV.  Our Television Broadcast schedule this week:

Watch Space Coast Government TV – Daily
Mornings: Mon-Fri 8:00am-830am
Afternoons: Mon-Fri 4:30pm-5:30pm

Spectrum/Bright House Channel 499
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Joe’s “Helping Seniors” Television Programs are always available, free-of-charge, and on demand, on the Helping Seniors of Brevard website at as well as on the worldwide Helping Seniors YouTube channel.

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