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Gail McGinnis Gets Her Camaro

Helping Seniors Update


Gail McGinnis 2022 Winner Gets Her Camaro | Helping Seniors Update

Thursday – January 27 2022 – SURPRISE! Eric Swist (Boniface Hiers Chevrolet – and Helping Seniors Car Raffle Crew Chief for Team Chevy) called our 2022 Helping Seniors winner, Gail McGinnis, in to “sign some papers” as her custom-build 2023 Chevrolet Camaro would be arriving soon. (Actually, it arrived a whole lot sooner than Gail expected – as you can tell!)

Enjoy the moment with Gail – CONGRATULATIONS! (And, Gail, enjoy your lovely new car!) And, YOU, reading this, get ready so we can surprise you October 9th 2023 when we pull YOUR name in the 7th Annual Helping Seniors Car Raffle. (Details coming soon!)

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