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Helping Seniors of Brevard

Helping Seniors Media:

Inbound and Outbound Information

Joe Steckler


After retiring from my U.S. Navy career in 1988, I moved to Brevard, Florida, where I became an advocate for seniors, developing the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation, building three dementia care centers and establishing a $2 million endowment.

In  2011, I founded Helping Seniors of Brevard County, Inc., as a non-profit 501(c)(3), to assist all seniors, not just those with dementia.  We seek to provide information about senior services and advocate for the elderly so e can age with dignity.

The media reports that the senior population is growing rapidly, representing nearly 1 in 4 people locally in Brevard, while our County Budget allocates less than 1/10th of 1% of its billion dollar budget specifically for senior aid.  Helping Seniors is an organization of private citizens to address senior issues – not to “compete” with existing programs, but to “complete” them.

Helping Seniors is here to do that with “outbound” information – we have already produced 60 educational TV shows you can watch on cable television and on demand  at; we produce and air a radio show you can hear Thursdays at 1 pm on AM 1300 Radio WMEL; and we publish monthly articles in respected Senior publications such as Senior Scene magazine.

Helping Seniors also exists for “inbound” help as well – we are creating an information network to direct seniors to essential services and have established a Helping Seniors hotline staffed by an experienced full-time information specialist tasked with assisting, case by case, in finding good answers.

Since our founding, I have directed Helping Seniors as a volunteer and will continue to do so until we recruit an executive director. Last December, I had a stroke but suffered no impairments. Others are not so fortunate. Realizing I was one of the lucky ones, I wrote and moderated a series of TV shows on strokes to raise awareness. The need is there and growing daily for information and guidance on senior issues.

I encourage you to be part of this movement to help local seniors. Check out the plan posted on our web site; we will not resolve all problems but can make a significant impact on the lives of many.  If you choose to support us financially,you have my word that we will use your money wisely in service to others. You may donate online at or mail your donation to:

Helping Seniors of Brevard
571 Haverty Court – Suite W
Rockledge FL 32955-3611
With most sincere thanks,

Joe Steckler

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