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New Enrollment Process for Medicaid

Joe Steckler

Dear Readers,   

Shown below is the new enrollment process for Medicaid. This process became effective August 1, 2013 and must be followed if you want to be eligible for the Managed Care program. If you fail to make progress, please contact Helping Seniors at 321-473-7770. Hopefully, we can point you in the right direction.
Medicaid Eligibility Process
1.      Contact the Area Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 1-800-963-5337.
2.      ADRC Medicaid staff will complete a 701A Statewide Assessment form with you over the telephone. If it appears you may be eligible for Medicaid the process will continue.
3.      ADRC staff will work with you to complete the 3008 Physician form that must be completed and signed by a medical doctor and returned to the ADRC.
4.      Once the ADRC has a completed 3008, they will forward the 701A and the completed and signed 3008 to CARES to determine the Level of Care (LOC) that you need.
5.      CARES will then forward that information to the Department of Children and Families (DCF). At the same time the ADRC will work with you to provide DCF with the required financial information.
6.      DCF will review all the information and make a final determination whether you are eligible for Medicaid services.
7.      If you are deemed eligible, DCF will notify the Enrollment Broker Automated Health Systems (AHS) that you are eligible for Medicaid services.
8.      AHS will then send you an enrollment letter informing you that you have 30 days from receipt of the letter to select a Managed Care company.
9.      In our area, PSA 7, there are four plans to choose from – United Healthcare, Sunshine Health, American Elder Care and Coventry Healthcare.
10. If you do not select a plan, on the 31st day,you will be enrolled in a plan that is randomly selected for you. 

Joe Steckler

Joe Steckler – President 

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