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Thank You to all Birthday Well Wishers!

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Dear  Friends,

To all who sent me best wishes on my birthday I thank you. Hard to believe that 82 years have passed by but they have.

They have all been good years with the meeting of so many who have helped me in my military and civilian careers. Accomplishments are enhanced by others who support and help and it would have been impossible to do all I did without the help of so many.

I would be a foolish man to try to attempt to thank every person who has been a part of my life and career but there is one I can mention and that is Terry for she has put up with me these many years. Please, though, all of you, know in your hearts, that I treasure each and every wish  and I have read all of them

I thank you all, wish each a Very Merry Christmas and much success in 2016. We still have work to do, a car raffle, new programs to help seniors and much more.

Stay tuned to

Many thanks,
Joe Steckler

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