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Get Your Ducks in a Row (Part 1)

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Get Your Ducks in a Row (Part 1) | Helping Seniors TV

Part One of the “Get Your Ducks in a Row” presentation at the Senior Resource Center of Brevard at Zon Beachside.

Helping Seniors Executive Director Kerry Fink leads the discussion with help from Elder Law Attorney, Tyler Runte, of the Law Office of Amy B Van Fossen, Sherri Garafolo, of Forget-Me-Not Senior Care Advocates, and Aneila Orr, of Ageility Physical Therapy. A great introduction to the benefits of creating your Aging Plan in this 2-part series.



Original Airdate: 04/22/22 SCG-TV HSTV #269 Get Your Ducks in a Row (Part 1)
Guest: Tyler Runte, Esq. (Law Office of Amy B Van Fossen)
Guest: Sherri Garafolo (Forget-Me-Not Senior Care Advocates)
Guest: Aneila Orr (Ageility Physical Therapy)
Program Host: Kerry Fink (Helping Seniors Network)



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