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Join Helping Seniors of Brevard President, Joe Steckler, each week for the “Helping Seniors” Television program airing throughout Brevard County. Joe has been a favorite presence and familiar face on  TV for many years.  He provides insightful information to “Help Seniors”.



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This Episode:

In Home Care

Join Program Host Joe Steckler as he discusses the topic of Senior Care and Aging in terms of “thinking outside the box” for solutions.


Helping Seniors - Thinking Outside the Box


It’s inevitable, we are all going to become one of the largest demographic segments in America today…a senior citizen.  In Brevard County alone, seniors account for 1 in 4 people. That number is growing daily and this shift makes it clearly evident how important and necessary charting the right path will be. Our aging community is faced with many seniors that cannot afford healthcare and insurance while providing for basic living needs. As rising costs inhibit people from saving money for future contingencies, we must adapt to ensure a continuum of care and ability to age with dignity. Priorities change, so also must programs and funding mechanisms.

Join Helping Seniors Founder and Senior Advocate, Joe Steckler, and let’s work together in Helping Seniors of Brevard.


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Watch Helping Seniors TV every day on your television on  Space Coast Government TV.  Our Television Broadsast schedule this week:

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Joe’s “Helping Seniors” Television Programs are always available on the Helping Seniors of Brevard website as well as on the worldwide Helping Seniors YouTube channel.

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